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In VCO Plus, the virgin coconut oil is enriched with Vitamin E and carotinoids. The Vitamin E is fat-soluble and rich in antioxidant properties. This antioxidant attribute helps prevent degenerative diseases - including heart disease, strokes, arthritis, diabetes, wrinkles on the skin and cancer. Vitamin E is also useful in preventing blood clots and promotes fertility, reduces and/or prevents hot flushes during menopause and helps to increase stamina.

Meanwhile, the highly pigmented (red, yellow or orange) fat-soluble caratinoids are converted to vitamin A in the body. The vitamin A enables several biological functions including the synthesis of certain glyco-proteins. Vitamin A deficiency often leads to symptoms like dry eyes, poor vision and poor memory.

The caratinoids, like the Vitamin E, have antioxidant properties that help tie up free radicals in the cells thus helping to prevent cancers. In VCO Plus, the antioxidant properties have been tripled with the addition of tocotrienols and beta-carotene.

Another important attribute of coconut oil is that it is slow to oxidize, meaning it takes time for VCO Plus to turn rancid and this extends its shelf life. However, it should be noted that the VCO Plus would coagulate and appear cloudy if left at temperatures below 24 Celcius. It will appear clear again if dipped in warm water. To avoid this problem in the first place, the oil should be stored in room temperature only and refrigeration should be avoided.

VCO Plus offered by Era Herbal Sdn,Bhd is highly recommended for general well being, regulating metabolism and in skincare. VCO Plus is 100 percent vegetarian, contains no preservative or coloring and is Halal certified.

Serving Size: 5ml
Amount Per 100ml Per Serving
Energy 826 kcal (3,469kJ) 41 kcal (172kJ)
Fat 91.8g 4.6g
Carbohydrate 0g 0g
Protein 0g 0g
Vitamin A 1.6mg 0.1mg
Vitamin E 0.4mg 0mg


  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Natural Beta Carotene
  • Natural Tocotrienols (Vitamin E)

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