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Made from coconut oil, VIRGIN COCONUT OIL (VCO) supplements is known for its anti-bacteria, anti-virus and potent antioxidant properties. It provides incredible health and weight loss benefits.

Though 92 percent of the coconut oil is made up of saturated fatty acids, it doesn’t pose any health risk because the fatty acids are predominately made of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). It doesn’t give rise to serum cholesterol or contribute to heart disease and in fact recommended for a healthy heart.


Benefits of coconut oil:

-Improves the thyroid function and recommended for those suffering from thyroid problems and obesity

-Increase body basal metabolism rate

-A good supplement for vascular health

-Excellent properties for skin and hair care

-Anti-inflammatory and soothing properties for inflamed intestines

-Improve balance of microorganism of the intestines


The virgin coconut oil today has been widely accepted as a functional food providing health benefits beyond the basic nutrients. VCO offered by Era Herbal Sdn Bhd is highly recommended for general well being, losing weight, boosting the immune system, regulating metabolism and in skincare. VCO is 100 percent vegetarian, contains no preservative or coloring and is Halal certified.


-100% Virgin Coconut Oil

-Traditionally used as food supplement.

– Keep out of reach of children, avoid direct sunlight.

-150ml per bottle

How to use

– Dosage: 10ml, 1-2 times daily