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Malaysian National Treasure, also known as Nanyang Ginseng.

Being an alpine specialties on tropical islands in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Anyone from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Borneo got acquainted with the advantages of this medicine. It could be used as daily health supplement to strengthen your body.

The efficacy of Tongkat Ali:

  1. Strengthen human blood circulation and metabolism
  2. Enhance the immune system
  3. Promote self-testosterone secretion, up to 4.4 times
  4. Promote secondary development
  5. Maintain strong energy
  6. Relieve depression and reduce stress
  7. Burn fat and firming
  8. Remove kidney turbidity and toxin
  9. Strengthen kidneys function
  10. Improve fertility and sperm production
  11. Repair and nourish the gonads
  12. Improve the endocrine system
  13. Reduce high blood pressure, rheumatism (gout), headache and diabetic
  14. Anti-oxidation and anti-aging
  15. Improve mental memory
  16. Postpartum tonics to speed up postpartum body recovery
  17. Significantly delay menopause


Yellow Tongkat Ali